We are always trying to bring new experiences to our clients and to Memphis events and Memphis weddings! Today we are excited to introduce ILO Glam – a luxurious experience that makes ILO a non-stop glamorous machine. Some call this a “Kardashian style booth”. And while we took cues from this type of booth, we have modernized it. On top of having beautiful, black and white photos you also get those addictive boomerangs and fun GIFs. Instant sharing via text, airdrop, or QR code makes sure you can post your capture right then and there and you guests can always have that memory from your event on their phones and social media!

Extra Lighting

One if the main additions to the basic ILO experience is the use of extra lighting. While the light on ILO is amazing, it is a focused light design to pop subjects of the background. With the extra lighting, ILO Glam floods the scene with light so that even the backdrop is super bright and even! This makes the captures feel more like a classic magazine cover! The results are stunning and really nail that glam feel that is so unique.

Skin Smoothing

Even though the lighting is really flattering, skin smoothing adds that extra touch we all want to make the most stunning capture possible! ILO uses facial recognition algorithms to find all the faces in the capture and apply subtle skin smoothing. It’s the little things like this that make a ILO Glam one of a kind and a must for any black tie affair!

Black and White Filter

Black and white is classic. It is elegant. What else do you need to know? It’s a no brainer!

White Backdrop

The advantage of the white backdrop is the bright background. It gives that classic magazine cover look that is luxurious and, by default, glamorous. If you want a little texture our white marble backdrop also looks great with this setup! Either way, your captures will look great and your online gallery will be so pleasing to scroll through with the consistent look!

We are so excited to offer this experience to Memphis and the Midsouth! There is nothing like it and we know it will be a staple in our offerings for years to come. The best yet, is a simple add-on to our current ILO packages so even if you already book ILO you can add the Glam experience!

Cheers, and happy boothing!