the modern experience and timeless aesthetic offers a guestbook with soul


I would give up a lot to be able to hear my grandmother’s voice (we called her Mamaw) as she gave a blessing and shared her love for my wife and I from our wedding. These are moments and sentiments that are fleeting and rare. Now you can always have that special message saved for generations!


P.S. Also hearing our friend’s sharing hilarious stories would be amazing too!


Your guests will hear a pre-recorded message from you

They leave you a message after the beep

All messages are saved and delivered to you to keep forever


rental includes:

audio guestbook phone

custom welcome message from you

a beautiful sign that explains the process

all messages delivered within 48 hours of return via dropbox 

optional add-ons:

 custom sign – $100


How do I get the phone?

We have a pickup and drop off location at

Snapdragon Floral

734 Mt Moriah Rd #4, Memphis, TN 38117

Hours: Tue-Fri from 10 AM – 5 PM

Your phone will be ready for pickup the closest business day to your event. It must be dropped off the closest business day after your event.

Example: if your wedding is on Saturday, your phone will be available for pickup on Friday and must be dropped off on the following Tuesday.

How do I get the messages?

Once we receive your phone, we will process all of the files and send them to you via a dropbox folder.

From there we recommend downloading them and saving them on your preferred cloud service.

What if I want a type of phone you don’t have?

We build all of our phones in house so we can definitely do a custom build!

We need at least 2 months notice to build a phone, and each one is custom quoted.