I think we can all safely say that 2020 has been a year! A pandemic, the Black Lives Mater movement, and the toll that all of the uncertainty has brought is overwhelming. And, while we think it is important to share with you all what we are doing in our business to keep bringing into people’s lives, we are well aware that this all pales in comparison to the issues our country, and the world, face. With that said, we do want to provide the amazing experience we are known for and adapt it to the times we are in. We hope that with these measures we can still bring a little joy to your world!

Below you will find the measures we are taking to make a fun and safe experience with ILO! While we think nothing is truly COVID proof, we do think that these actions – along with everyone practicing good hygiene and following your local/state guidelines – will create a safe environment for ILO to not only be at your event, but be one of the main attractions that your guests will love.


We are now offering hands-free start to your photobooth sessions! A simple wave of the hand will start the countdown and capture your photo or boomerang. It’s magical! With this feature you can really boost the confidence of any photobooth user that they do not have to sacrifice touching anything to have fun. Because of the streamlined process, the booth will have to be completely programmed ahead of time, which means guests cannot pick the capture mode or filter. While that may seem less than ideal, people actually love how simple the process is.


Normally, we have the option for your guests to pick email, text, or airdrop as a way to get their capture from ILO. While these all work great, it does require touching the screen. But now, we have QR Code sharing! You simply take your phone’s camera, scan the QR code, and it will take you to your capture on the gallery webpage. From there you can download or share to social media. This feature is sticking around because it is the easiest way to get your capture!


Wearing masks works. It has been shown as the most effective way to stop the spread of COVID while being in public spaces. So you can rest assured that all of our assistants will be wearing masks at all times! They will also have hand sanitizer ready to go. Plus we will not allow any assistant to do an event if they are not feeling well.


Regardless if you decide to do the hands-free start or not, only assistants will be allowed to touch the photobooth! All guests will be told and reminded to not touch the booth. Also our assistants will sanitize ILO before, during, and after your event to make sure it is as safe as possible. As much as we will try and make ILO hands-free for guests, old habits die hard. If a guests accidentally touches ILO, then we want it to be as clean as possible.


We know, props are fun! They add an extra level of interaction to the photobooth experience, but they are not the most sanitary things… It is just not possible, even with constant sanitizing, that you can assure a safe environment. BUT we now offer digital props as an add-on if you still want to have an extra element of fun! The use facial recognition and are hilariously addicting to use! Of course, we always believe ILO is fun on it’s own so don’t feel like you need props – most of our clients don’t have them and they still love ILO.

We hope this helps you feel at ease! These are strange times and we are all having to adapt what our lives (and events!) look like. But this doesn’t mean we cannot still have a good time! With the actions taken above, we feel like having ILO at your event (that is already in adherence will local and state guidelines) can provide you and your guests with a fun and safe experience that you will not forget!