When we talk to companies and organizations about how they can add more interactive elements via a photo booth activation and create unique moments, we always try to find ways to bring value to the experience! Campbell Clinic Foundation came to us asking if we could provide headshots for their conference attendees in Memphis, TN. When we heard this, we jumped on the opportunity because it aligns with exactly what we try to do here at ILO Photobooth!

Having a background in portrait photography, we knew we could execute this with precision and quality! We made sure the camera crop was right, the lighting was ideal for headshots, and we helped them pose for the best possible angle. The results speak for themselves!

This type of setup is ideal for:

  1. A gift to your employees by having us come for a half day to give them fresh headshots for their LinkedIn profiles and professional use
  2. Adding value to a corporate event like a conference or Chamber of Commerce event
  3. A way for your company or organization to have cohesive headshots for your website and across all media platforms

Want to up your game for your next business event? Contact us today if you’d like to learn how we can help your business stand out!