Did we have fun with this one! In our minds, we had a scene of a luxury, Memphis wedding that really wants to make their cocktail hour special. Make a sofa you rent for cocktail hour seating into a totally immersive photo booth vignette where individuals or couples can sit and get their selfies.

We played with the popular blush colors used in a lot of modern weddings. The tulle could be on a half wall like this one, or a full wall, or we could even make custom structure to put it behind a sofa in the middle of a room! We just love the idea of giving your guests an experience they haven’t had before at a wedding and there is no better way to do that then a selfie station at your cocktail hour that grabs the eye.

Plus, thanks the ILO’s instant delivery of your guests’ captures, your wedding will be buzzing on social media before the reception even starts. What a way to tell all everyone and their friends what they are missing!

There are few things we enjoy more than creating unique vignettes for our clients. What dreams do you have for you wedding? Let us know and maybe we can make them come true for you! Regardless, we hope this brings some inspiration to your day and wedding planning.

The ILO Team