if a picture is worth a thousand words, whats a video message? Priceless.


After you experience a video guestbook, the old school ones just seem so boring and one dimensional! The video captures your guests expressions and the microphone records all their best wishes, jokes, and everything in between. There is nothing like it!


Your guests will be welcomed by a start screen that gives instructions as well as prompts in case they need some help getting started

They have up to 30 seconds to leave a message for you! The ring light beautifully lights them and the microphone captures the audio

All of the messages are immediately saved in an online gallery for you to view! You can also easily download all of the messages too


video guestbook kiosk with microphone

welcome screen with instructions and prompts

guest can share their message to themselves via text or airdrop

an attendant to setup, help guest use the kiosk, and tear down at the end of the coverage

all messages saved to an online gallery for you


How much space do I need for this?

The kiosk itself is only 2 foot x 2 foot! And you just need enough space for a person to stand in front of it about 2 to 4 feet away.

If you’d like one of our standard backdrops for the background, we will need an 8 foot x 6 foot space to accomodate the backdrop and kiosk.

What if people don’t know what to say?

We get it – no one likes being put on the spot. That’s why your guests will get prompts on the welcome screen for suggestions on what to say. Plus, they can delete and redo the message if they need to! So no pressure!

Does the microphone pick up surrounding noise like my wedding DJ?

The microphone has very good noise cancellation, but we do recommend keeping the kiosk away from loud environments for the best audio possible. An entrance hall, side room, or at least the opposite side of the room as your dance floor is recommended!